Basketball Visualization Coaching Program

This Basketball Visualization Coaching Program is designed to increase your child's confidence and ability to perform at their very best. Whether your child is just starting basketball, an all-star athlete, or needs better coordination skills, they can greatly benefit from this program.
This program is designed to help your child recognize their thought pattern and self-talk while learning new techniques in baseball. It will also help with pre-game jitters, and maximize their full potential, regardless of the position they play. 
This Visualization Coaching Program is open ended to where your child can take the suggestions to make it their own and apply it to their specific circumstance, position, etc.
This program gives them the ability to focus on a specific area for the 14-day length, then restart the program a few days or weeks later to focus on a different area in basketball they would like to see improvement. 
That is the best part of this program, it can be used more than once, and reused for a refresher course prior to the next season starting. 
The length of this program is 14 consecutive days. In these 14 days, your child will have a 30-minute guided Visualization audio to listen to daily, at any time of the day and it can even be listened to prior to bedtime. 
In addition to the audio, your child will have a "Play Book" (instead of work book, because basketball is fun and meant to be played) to use daily in conjunction with the audio. This play book will reinforce their mental conditioning and recognition of previous thought pattern to their new thought pattern, way of playing and seeing the game. 
We encourage parents to be involved with their child’s Visualization Coaching Program and even take the program with them, and help them with the play book ideas and assignments. This is meant to be fun and motivating for your child to feel successful and confident in achieving their dreams. 


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