What is Guided Visualization? 

Guided Visualization Coaching is training for the athletes mind. So much time is spent on physical conditioning, and we fail to focus on training the mind. Training the mind for the best performance possible is the most critical key in achieving your best possible result for athletes. Push beyond your threshold and achieve your greatest potential. 


What can Guided Visualization Coaching do for Athletes?

  • Familiarize the athlete with a competition site, a complex play pattern or routine etc.

  • Motivate the athlete by recalling images of their goals for that session, or of success in a past competition or beating a competitor in competition

  • Perfect skills or skill sequences the athlete is learning or refining

  • Reduce negative thoughts by focusing on positive outcomes

  • Refocus the athlete when the need arises e.g. if performance is feeling sluggish, imagery of a previous best performance or previous best event focus can help get things back on track

  • See success where the athlete sees themselves performing skills correctly and the desired outcomes

  • Set the stage for performance with a complete mental run through of the key elements of their performance to set the athlete's desired pre-competition feelings and focus.


What are the benefits of the program?

  • Developing self confidence

  • Developing pre-competition and competition strategies which teach athletes to cope with new situations before they actually encounter them

  • Helping the athlete to focus his/her attention or concentrate on a particular skill he/she is trying to learn or develop

  • A clear and confident mind in the game


What does each program contain?

Each program is designed for 14 days. These programs should be completed within 30 days for optimal results and practice as often as needed. Each program course will contain:

  • 2 weekly Sport Visualization 30 minute recordings for daily listening

  • 14 custom inspirational worksheets 

  • Success Goal Setting Journal 

  • NLP Anchor techniques to use while in the game for performance


What is the Age range for this Visualization Coaching Programs?

These programs are designed for 7 years old through college. This program can be completed with parents guidance to help implement the techniques provided if the athlete is younger. 



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